The Illuminati Mission is a philanthropic, research, and freedom advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the progress of humanity around the globe. Through innovative initiatives, strategic partnerships, and unwavering defense of individual rights, we strive to address the most pressing challenges of our time, build a better future for all, and ensure unrestricted freedom as a […]

UNITAN United Religions

The UNITAN, or United Religions, is an initiative that seeks to promote cooperation and dialogue among different religious traditions around the world. Its foundations include belief in the importance of mutual respect, inter-religious understanding, and collaboration for building a more harmonious and tolerant world. Supporting this idea, we recognize that religious diversity is a global […]

The Relativization of Freedom in Contemporary Times

Freedom, a concept so revered, is often entangled in a complex web of interpretations shaped by dominant ideologies. In a world where various streams of thought vie to define what it means to be free, the true essence of freedom often gets lost in the fog of manipulative discourses. Ideologies, with their enticing promises, often […]

Misleading Ideologies and the Challenge of Artificialism

Promises of progress and evolution abound in the mainstream media. We are bombarded with hundreds of unprecedented news every day, showcasing immense innovations. Everything is happening exponentially. However, amidst all this, something disturbing arises. Some ideologies emerge, adorned with promises of social equality, while others intertwine with artificialism, challenging the essence of humanity. We understand […]

Mustard Seed

“Absque argento omnia vana” “Mater artium necessitas” From time immemorial, society has reflected on the influence of money in our lives. In Latin, the proverb “Absque argento omnia vana” carries certain force, suggesting that without money, everything seems futile. This saying, although direct, carries a depth that deserves our attention. The proverb suggests that money […]

Security and Light

“Where there is security and illumination, princes are superfluous.” Adam Weishaupt This article addresses Rational Decisions and the Quest for Wisdom.   At different times, wisdom expressed in adages has been a guiding light for our actions. From Latin arise sayings like: “A mandato seu praecepto non est inchoandum” – “One should not begin from […]

Good and Bad New Order

We need to reflect. The idea that if the good do not strive to build a new order, it will be the responsibility of the bad to do so is a call to responsibility and action for those who aspire to a fairer and more balanced world. History teaches us that the inactivity or passivity […]

Healthy and Ethical Eating

  Vegetarianism falls within the realm of “responsible consumption” and encompasses not only dietary aspects but also ethical, environmental, and health-related considerations. A well-planned vegetarian diet can bring numerous health benefits. Reducing the intake of red meat can lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Furthermore, a plant-based […]