We need to reflect.

The idea that if the good do not strive to build a new order, it will be the responsibility of the bad to do so is a call to responsibility and action for those who aspire to a fairer and more balanced world.

History teaches us that the inactivity or passivity of those who advocate ethical and moral values ‚Äč‚Äčopens space for individuals or groups with questionable or harmful intentions to take control and impose their worldviews. When the good refrain from acting for the common good, they leave a void that can be filled by agendas that do not consider collective interests.

This highlights the importance of civic engagement, strengthening free institutions, and active participation in building a fairer society with less concentration of power. Ethical values, empathy, and commitment to the collective well-being should guide the actions of those who wish to shape a liberating social order.

It’s not just about resisting harmful agendas but also being proactive in promoting constructive changes. It requires conscious effort to build a new order based on justice, equity, and respect for the fundamental rights of all individuals. We have seen agendas restricting various rights. It’s just one example. It’s just a beginning.

Therefore, the responsibility to build a new order falls not only on political leaders but on every conscientious citizen, on groups fighting for positive changes, and on all those who aspire to a better world for present and future generations.