“When trying to enter the Kingdom of God, the kingdom that initially arrived in our hearts, as announced by all the prophets of God, we must have the key. This key involves the balance between faith and works. Faith without works is dead. And every work without the fire of the spirit perishes. The fire of the spirit is fueled by the divine breath, which has been in us since Adam. And every flesh deserves to be animated by the breath of the Creator, who desires the happiness of all His creatures. This is a divine objective, proven by God’s constant love for all creation.

In past times, our ancestors honored God in various ways, even involving sacrifices of animals. That time has passed, and now God desires our love, which is worship in spirit and truth. Temples are only supports for this worship, not necessarily essential, as the Father is spirit.

Evil also desires its worship, based on the same spiritual principle, but with foundations in lies, only to feed illusions. The awakening of man occurred in eras, requiring intermediaries between him and the Father. Over time, the refinement and evolution of consciousness eventually diminish this barrier, and direct contact with the divine source becomes more immediate. The child unites with the Father in spirit and truth.”


Mai 22, 2023