The Global Project that Shakes the World

Revolutionary thoughts from this organization brought down a government system across Europe.

Monarchy falls in 1789.
The whole of Europe trembles.

Bright minds challenged established norms and dared to question revealed truths, opening the doors to a new understanding of the world, imbued with secular mysticism. In this context, deism and agnosticism emerged as philosophies that challenged traditional religion:

An organization forms, in the shadows of the night, to turn darkness into the pure light of reason and common sense:

ILLUMINATI, yes, it’s them!

Omnia Ab Nihilo  “From Nothing, Everything Arises”

Giants, the illuminati, united with the Freemasons and practitioners of enlightenment, shrouded in a halo of knowledge and reason, dared to criticize revealed religion, raising in its place the flag of natural religion. In this realm of thought, superstition and fanaticism were seen as shadows to be dissipated by the light of reason. Belief lay in the elevation of man, in the suppression of all forms of degradation, and in the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Simultaneously, in this mystical and intellectual setting, society longed for a new hierarchy, a meritocracy that recognized and celebrated individual talent. The Enlightenment thinkers dared to challenge hereditary rights and privileges of the nobility and the Church, calling for a fairer and more egalitarian society. The separation of State and Church, secularization, became a cornerstone of this new world, where non-religious principles shaped education, justice, and other institutions.

When the Enlightenment rose as a philosophical movement, banishing the darkness of ignorance and oppression, it sought to bring the light of reason and progress to humanity. Suffice it to say that in a world where the mind shone as a beacon, man trod the path in search of his own light and freedom.”